Latest Workshop – KesennumaVideo

This weekend, we went up to Minamisanriku to hold a workshop at the Asobiba in Kesenuma.  We took turns greeting each other in English, with eye contact and "I'm ____. What's your name?"  We explored our theme this month "Our Wonderful World" through finger painting - with flowers and pieces of wood - describing the environment around us,  oceans, mountains and nature. It was an excellent way to have the kids freely express their creativity and feelings. After painting, we hit the pool to refresh! 


Place to Grow - Workshop Music Videos

Santa Soul Train - MiNAMI SANRIKU 2016

The year-end workshop is a reunion and celebration of everything Place To Grow stands for.

Hundreds of volunteers and survivors come together to deliver an inspiring performance for old and young alike. From Tokyo, from across the world presents and cards flood into the Minamisanriku Post Office. In Minamisanriku the local PTG leaders create the same gift bags or “Stockings” for other areas of Japan also recovering from natural disasters.  

2016 – 13 locations in Japan, 1021 children reached, 350 participants in Kanyo Hotel Event and Workshop, 79 volunteers supported from all over Japan and the USA.


For many children in Tohoku now, the future is uncertain. Parents are unsure if they can financially, and emotionally support their children's dreams, or be able to provide them with the education they want.  Place To Grow works to bring communities together. To inspire, connect and energize.  To support children to #redefine, to learn, and to communicate.

The core method through which Place to Grow affects change in post-disaster communities is through monthly children’s workshops focused around a single theme: DanceArt, or Sport.

SANTA SOUL TRAIN - Kumamoto 2016

As part of the Santa Soul Train event, Stuart O and volunteers traveled to Kumamoto to deliver the gifts and cards to the Mashiki region of Kyushu. In April of 2016 Kumamoto, Kyushu suffered a 7.0 Earthquake killing over 50 persons and evacuating 44,000 residents.

Miyuki and her volunteer team coordinated on behalf of local families to bring holiday inspiration and connection to 220 children.


The 5th year running of our epic end-of-year community festival in Minami Sanriku.